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Opening: Minimum Driver's Age

What do you think the minimum driver's age should be: 16, 18, or 21? Click here to learn about your role in a heated debate!

Step 1: Changing the Scale of Bar Graphs

There is more than one way to display data graphically. For example, using different scales you can create bar graphs that look different but display the same data.

Start this exploration to learn how to use different scales in a bar graph to change its message!

Step 2: Changing the Interval Size of Histograms

Histograms can be easily modified using a different interval size. Did you know that changing the interval size of histograms can influence the message that it delivers?

Click here to explore different interval sizes and scales in histograms.

Step 3: Worksheet

Ready for the Minimum Driver's Age debate?

Now that you have learned how to modify graphical representations of data to deliver different messages, you are ready to build the bar graphs that Alexa and Marco asked for the debate!

Your teacher may ask you to work on your challenge in class, or it may be a part of your homework.

Your teacher may give you a copy of the assignmrnt to take home, or you can print it out if you have a printer in your room.


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